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Katrina Jade


Katrina Jade is a tattooed slut. Seriously, she has "slut" tattooed on her ass. She also has "daddy's girl" tattooed on her pussy. This girl loves to fuck. She craves cocks pounding into her pussy and filling her up with cum all the time. Katrina can seduce almost any man with her perfect natural boobs, tiny waist and shapely ass. Her orgasms are powerful and when fucked right she will cum so hard she will pass out. Katrina loves rough sex. Other than face slapping, Katrina has no rules. Choke her, pull her hair, bite and scratch her. As long as she gets a pussy full of cum, this daddy's girl is a happy slut. Slutty Katrina Jade finally enjoys what she loves the most, a good cock. Sexy babe just loves it and decided to mix a pleasure with business. It was the right call because she is storming to the top showing that she can be the best whore in industry. That amazing bubble ass is absolutely amazing and makes every cock she gets tough to handle. We are eager to see more new scenes with this hot babe in a lead role.

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