Karma Rx: Tattooed Slut Likes it Rough


Sexy tattooed slut Karma Rx struts confidently into the room, showing off her perfect body adorned with intricate tattoos. She teases the camera before turning around to reveal her plump ass covered in a thong. She takes out a crystal dildo and starts prepping her ass for what's to come. James Deen lays behind her to help her out. They start making out as they struggle to open up her tight asshole. As she approaches James Deen, he can't help but admire her beauty and skillfully removes her clothes piece by piece. Karma kneels down in front of him, eagerly taking his massive cock into her mouth as she sucks it like a pro. Her lips wrap tightly around his shaft while she bobs up and down expertly using both hands to stroke him off. James then positions himself behind Karma who leans forward onto all fours presenting both holes for penetration - one at a time or together if he so desires! He starts by pounding away at her wet pussy from behind making loud slapping sounds against skin that echo throughout the room; each thrust pushing deeper inside than ever before! Karma moans loudly as James continues fucking both holes simultaneously – first pounding away at her tight ass then switching back again between them until they are both satisfied beyond measure! Finally after hours (or was it minutes?) of nonstop action filled with screams of pleasure mixed with pain from being stretched so wide open – James pulls out just long enough to shoot ropes upon ropes of hot cum directly into Karma's ass hole leaving behind sticky trails of cum!


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