Sloth Part 4


She doesn’t know how long she laid in his lap, but she knows she’s laid down long enough because the niggling feeling of boredom in the back of her mind is creeping back. She stood up and left the catatonic man on the sofa. She decided to join the group fucking on the left side of the room. She immediately snatched up and bent over the table in front of her. A cock penetrated her from behind and she cums immediately. This is what she needs. She lost herself in the pleasure and when she came back to her senses, she realized that the wails she was hearing were her own. She got down to her knees and took his cock into her mouth, tasting their mix juices on his throbbing length. She bobbed her head up and down, swirling her tongue along the tip and down to his balls. She turns to the moaning woman beside her and watched as her partner buries his head between her thighs and her moans got louder and more desperate. She ran her own hand against her slit as she watched the scene unfolds before her. She feels a cock prod at her asshole and moans as it slips inside her, hitting her good spot again and again. When the man slips out of her and turned his attention to the girl beside her. She moves away and took a box on the shelf along the wall. She made her way to the sofa. She opened the box and took the stuffed toy inside. She hugged it tightly, remembering happy memories. Meanwhile, the two groups in the opposite corners behind her continued to fuck. The brunette got down to her knees and sucked the cocks in front of her, alternately. She blows one, while she massages the other one with her hand. The brunette felt one move behind her while she continued to suck the cock in front of her. She moaned as tongue and cock penetrated her nether regions. They fuck her mouth and ass. Their hips thrusting in tandem. They had her cumming again and again. If this is a dream, she never wants it to end.


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