Sloth Part 3


Amanda and Toni are still busy fucking each other’s brains out. Lia is now in cloud 9, happily being ravaged by a hot guy in glasses’ thick, hard dick. James Deen is still fast asleep. In the background, Amanda and Toni explore different sex positions while Jennifer Dark enters the room smokin’ hot with two equally hot dudes. Immediately, Jennifer falls to her knees and simultaneously sucks both sturdy dicks pointed at her gorgeous face. Jen’s top is pulled down to expose her erect nipples. One of her guys touch her boob and she gives them both handjobs. She sucks, then rubs, sucks then rubs alternately. Every stroke of her tongue and her fingers grew more intense by the second. She took them deep inside her mouth, making sure their dicks hit the back of her throat. Meanwhile, Amanda is still riding Toni reverse-cowgirl style. Toni pushes two fingers and rubs it against the opening of Amanda’s pussy. As he plummets the entire length of his shaft into her horny pussy, he pulls both her legs upward just to prove that his dick can still go a lot deeper into her core. Next, he pushed Amanda to her knees before licking her dirty lovehole. He fucks her doggy style before making her lie to her side, spreading her legs wide open. He finger-fucks her first, before he re-entered his still erect dick into her womanhood. His dick grew harder the more he fucked her. Amanda was completely powerless against the strong, solid thrusts of Toni’s cock. When she regained her composure, she returned the favor by riding Toni’s dick once more. It was her turn to drive him nuts and make him moan for more. Up and down she went, just as how Jennifer Dark had her head and mouth go up and down over both the rock solid dicks before her. As she stood up, she continued to suck the dick to her left. The guy on her right took this chance to slide his erection inside her exposed pussy. It was a chain of dirty lovemaking for the three. She swirled her tongue around his dick as she felt and moaned at the entire length of erection rubbing hard against her inner flesh. Amanda gives Toni head for a while before she went on top of him once more, this time in reverse cowgirl position. The pleasure just kept growing stronger and stronger. Toni took over again and fucked her doggy style. Next, Amanda rested her back on the bed while Toni continued to push in and out of her and even rolled his tongue over her pussy and clit in between. The two seemed super tireless. Back to Jennifer, she is now giving blowjob to the guy to her right, while the stud to her left pleasured her lovehole with his massive rod. The room is now filled with the stench of sex. It enchanted them all and it made them all the more pumped to keep on pleasuring each other. A blowjob here, a rough, hard fuck from behind, a nice, sensual hand stroke on the side, and lots and lots more moaning ensued. One can only wonder how this cycle of sinfully seductive and stimulating activities will end. Will it ever end? Only these horny, sex-crazed sloths can tell.


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