Sarah Jessie's Big Boobs Massaged and Fucked Hard


The scene opens with Ramon Nomar and Sarah Jessie in the garden playing with squirt guns. Ramon dons a striped T-shirt and denim shorts while Sarah wears a white sports bra and denim shorts. They chased each other around until they are both soaking wet. The simple sight of each other soaking wet turns them on that Ramon and Sarah begins making out right then and there. They kissed and dry humped each other as they rolled around the grass. The next scene cuts into Ramon and Sarah already inside the house, both half naked. Ramon is lying on his stomach as Sarah massages her back using her hands and her big boobies. She sensually massages him using baby oil until he is horny. Ramon turns around; he now lies with his back on the white sheet on the floor. Sarah trails kisses on Ramon’s body. She starts off with his lips down to her chest until she reaches his big dick. She looks at him first, as if asking for permission, before taking his full-length member into her mouth. She gives him a blowjob until his big cock is hard and ready to fuck. Ramon, with his big hardon decides to return the favor. He makes Sarah lie down on the sheet as he puts baby oil all over her body. He massages her big tits as he slowly goes down on her, devouring her tight pussy until she is fucking wet. Ramon then thrusts his big hard cock inside her wet and tight pussy fucking her in the missionary position as he kisses her on the lips. The two then shift sex positions. This time around, Sarah is on top of Ramon sucking his dick while he eats her pussy. She then slowly inserts his big hard cock inside her pussy and rides him hard in the reverse cowgirl position. Sarah’s face says it all, she is enjoying this fucking session. Sarah suddenly stops and pulls his dick out but inserts it inside her tight butt hole fucking him in the cowgirl position. Ramon takes control of their sexy time. He makes Sarah lie down on the sheet and thrusts his dick inside her tight and wet pussy in the missionary position. He then shifts her, without pulling his dick out, and humps her hard in the doggy-style position until he reaches his peak. Ramon Nomar fucks her in the mouth until he orgasms. He releases his warm juices inside her mouth and all over her humongous boobs. Sarah Jessie is sexually satisfied seeing his cum all over her.


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