Riley Reid is a Slutty Little Cat


Riley Reid is a slutty pussycat inside James Deen’s house. She is dressed in a pair of lacy bra and G-string, a pair of black and red fishnet stockings, pointed cat ears and a pair of black stilettos. She completes her horny cat outfit with a butt plug tail. She begins her role play as she crawls on the floor on her way to her food bowl. She is hungry but definitely not for food. But before she even reaches it, James stops her, grabs her until she is standing up and kisses her on the lips. His one hand then makes its way down to her tail and without any warning, tugs her tail out of her ass hole. She is surprised by the action, but is even more taken aback when he brings the butt plug into her mouth. She still sucks it anyway, tasting herself. James, stilly fully-clothed returns the tail where it belongs and starts kissing her once again. This time harder, as he fingers her pussy. He turns her around, her back facing her chest as both of them kneel on the floor. He fucks her pussy hard with his fingers. Feeling James big hard dick on her butt cheeks, Riley faces him and unzips his pants. As his cock springs free, she takes his full-length member into her warm mouth and gives him a blowjob. She then heads on and kisses him on the lips. After that, James makes her kneel on the floor with her butt cheeks facing his hard cock. Then without any warning nor hesitation, he enters her from behind, thrusting his dick inside her wet and tight pussy in doggy-style. The porn star switches them into missionary position with her back on the stairwell. He fucks the petite beauty hard even with her lacy underwear still on. James suddenly pulls out. She deepthroats his cock as he takes her costume off one by one. He also takes his clothes off. With both of them now fully naked, they head to the steps of the stairs and start fucking in reverse cowgirl. She rides him really hard as he hits the right spot. James does not need to pull his dick out of her pussy as they stand and continue fucking in stand and deliver. She orgasms while he is fucking her hard. From standing, the two proceed to fuck in missionary before heading to scoop me up. James Deen can no longer control his throbbing dick so he pulls it out of her pussy. He orgasms and releases his warm juices into the cat bowl filled with milk. Slutty pussycat Riley Reid happily drinks from the bowl.


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