Britney and Whitney Take a Course in Public Fucking


Irresistible stepsisters Britney and Whitney Stevens join James Deen and his crew for a wonderful weekend outdoor party. The boys have everything they need: great food, an endless supply of booze, and beautiful girls. Nothing can go wrong with this kind of combination. The weather is also fine. They can feel the heat permeating in their bodies. This heat made Britney and Whitney hornier by the moment. Being drenched in sweat and surrounded by good-looking guys is enough for them to unleash their lustful personalities. It didn't take too long before the two busty babes are completely naked outdoors. They immediately become the center of attention. All the men in the party want to have a glimpse and taste of their irresistible bodies. Britney and Whitney can't hide their excitement after being surrounded by huge cocks. They live by the saying, "the more, the merrier." They let the boys do whatever they want with their bodies. The outdoor get together has become a public gangbang for these two horny sluts. Britney and Whitney fuck and suck the guys in multiple positions. They are banged in missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl positions. They don't care that they are outside. The public fuckfest only made both of them hornier. The stepsisters have quickly developed a monopoly of the cocks in the area. They are double penetrated in the pussy and mouth. They can't keep tabs on who's fucking them. The guys change their positions ever so often. The two stunning girls continue to please the cocks within their reach. They want all the guys to be pleased with their performance. After a while, the guys feel like they are about to cum. One by one, the men shower Britney and Whitney with their cum. The sluts are happy that they once again remain true to their horny selves.


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