Marilyn Moore, the Seductress, in Las Vegas Sex Trip Part 3


This is a kind of behind the scene episode of James Deen and friends’ Las Vegas Sex Trip. James and Kate goes out to take care of some business and that leaves Danny with Marilyn. The ones left behind have nothing to do. Or is it? Marilyn has some idea in mind to keep them amused for the mean time. She wants a dick inside her immediately. She wants it so bad that all throughout this behind the scene video, she tries real hard to invite Danny’s dick have a little fun with her. But sadly, Danny said he don’t do scenes anymore. Marilyn got a challenge ahead of her. Her first major move against Danny is at the bathtub. Danny catches Marilyn having a little “session” in there. She’s using some waterproof vibrator to get herself off. The image of her playing with herself in the bathtub is kind of hard to forget. It’s amazing how they keep up their conversation while Marilyn is getting herself off. When she’s done, Marilyn invites him to watch her do some yoga. Although, we might think that yoga is boring, it’s nice to know that Marilyn does her yoga naked. Her bare tits and cunt gets showcased without being fucked. You don’t see this everyday on the business. The rest of time, Marilyn just lets herself go and play around. At one time, she just picks up a fan with colorful accessories and just flails it around while dancing naked. It’s the kind of performance that’s motivating to watch on your day offs. Scene cuts off to Marilyn holding the camera and saying that she’s gonna tempt Danny into fucking her. Marilyn really wants a dick in her. She tried convincing Danny into giving her some dick. She puts on quite a show to make Danny fuck her. She plays with herself to make Danny give up. But Danny is a fucking rock. He didn’t give in. James and Kate arrives without anything happening between Danny and Marilyn.


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