Jennifer White in 'Butt Friends'


Nothing beats the real thing. James Deen and Jennifer White make a little experiment on fake dick vs. real dick efficiency. For this they brought James’ fat dick and a toy orange, cock. To properly document this educational testing, James brings his trusty camera and records everything on POV. First they try out the fake dick. Jennifer takes it out and starts using it if it feels okay with her. To properly exhaust all available variables, Jennifer uses her ass hole for the testing. She bends over and watch herself through a mirror being fucked by a fake dick right into her ass. She went at it for a while and eventually she decides to the next test subject. Jennifer kneels down before James. She pulls out his fat, throbbing cock from his pants and starts doing her testing using her mouth. Being a helpful assistant, James made sure to shove his fat cock all the way to her throat. To properly test the given subjects, Jennifer bends over on the bed and offers her ass to James. He follows and starts pounding her ass. His camera is on the corner to show how hard he’s doing it. Jennifer flips herself over with a transition sequence of her sucking his dick again. Their experiment revolves around the said positions with evolving camera angles to show the people how extensive their testing/fucking is. The only constant in this experimentation is James rough fucking. Jennifer’s moans of pleasure clouds the room for the rest of the scene. At the end, James grabs the camera and made Jennifer go down on her knees. She grabs that fat dick and starts sucking the ready-to-come-out cum from his cock using her warm and wet mouth, resulting in her being covered in cum. From the results, the obvious conclusion is fat, real dicks do the job.


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