Jennifer White All Holes Fucked


Being visited or visiting James Deen with an intent to fuck is not gonna end well if you’re into gentle fucking… or is it? Jennifer White meets up with James to have some fun fuck time with the guy. She might be expecting some good old fuck but James is not that boring to oblige. With a bit of seducing for James enough to get him hard, they started this friendly fuck with James inspecting her goods by running his fingers all around her nasty parts. Being bent over while standing up, James’ dick says a bit of hello to her hole for a moment. They paused for a while afterwards. This will not be a complete James Deen experience if the woman won’t gag on his dick. James sits down and lets Jennifer do the thing. Jennifer, POV licking and sucking his dick, went at it wild. This happens for a good few minutes before James dragging her to the couch. When she on her back, James spreads her wide and starts fucking her hole on his whim. Jennifer goes on top once in a while to have the dick enter her all the way. She alters from this to her being on all fours. When she bends over on the couch, it gives a nice, clear view of her holes being fucked hard in different angles by James. Even though the camera is just placed somewhere in the corner, you might see how stretched out Jennifer’s holes are. James eventually grabs the camera to do a close up of him squirting his cum all over Jennifer. Once he did, he comes over and lets Jennifer jack him off until he feels complete, to the point where Jennifer’s skin glistens with cum. She even played with it for a little while like a dirty whore.


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