Jay Taylor Plays with Her Boobs


Jay Taylor


Jay Taylor welcomes the camera with her ass bent down showing her white butt cheeks and her green underwear. She is wearing a gray long-sleeved turtleneck dress with a black belt hugging her waist and a pair of ankle-high boots. She is midway the staircase as a hand reaches out and grabs her butt. He then puts his hand in between her ass cheeks and uses his thumb to rub her pussy. Jay now faces the camera revealing that she is wearing a pair of eyeglasses. The brunette beauty takes her panty off as she goes down the plight of stairs. Now, almost at the end of the stairs, she bends down once again, this time showing her bare pussy and clitoris. James Deen reaches out and touches her butt cheek, teasing her. Jay now sits in one of the steps of the stairs and widely spreads her legs, showing the front view of her half-shaven pussy as she slowly takes her dress off. Her big tits are exposed. She massages her breasts until her nipples are hard. James helps to pleasure her by fingering her pussy. He strokes her clit with his thumb as he inserts two fingers into her wet and tight pussy. After that, he grabs her big tits. James then stands down and lets her pleasure herself as he watches. She continues to massage her big boobs and finger her wet and tight pussy. He helps her every now and then by rubbing and stroking her pussy. The two of them head to the top of the stairs. Jay stays one step below him and lies down facing the floor. James fingers her pussy again with his hand in between her butt cheeks. Jay Taylor is now sitting on the floor. She is facing the camera with her legs spread widely on the floor. She continues to pleasure herself. She massages her breasts and fingers her pussy until she feels her warm juices ready to come. Jay Taylor comes on her fingers and licks off the cum off of them.


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