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Janice Griffith First Time Amatuer Application With James Deen

Janice Griffith wears a flower-printed dress under a brown cardigan as she hops into James Deen’s car. She has a pair of eyeglasses on making her look nerdy. She looks too innocent when she smiles especially with her pearly white teeth shining brightly in the dark. As soon as James starts driving away from where he picked her up, her aura and attitude shifted from this school girl feeling to a sexy vixen kind-of-vibe. But any action didn’t happen right away, they simply talked, trying to get to know each other. The sexual tension between them rises as they continue to drive and learn more about each other. At that moment, Janice takes initiative and takes off her cardigan. She lets him know that she’s ready as she spreads her legs widely apart. She pushes her dress down to her stomach setting her small tits free. At the sight of her cute breasts and hardened nipples, James instantly stretches his arms out pushing her dress up so he can touch her already wet and tight pussy. He slowly rubs her clit with just one finger making her moan at the pleasure before using his other fingers to play with the walls of her pussy. The sensation sends electricity all over her body that she adjusts the passenger seat before putting her legs up, bending her knees and spreading them widely. James parked the car in the darkest corner of the street. He then makes Janice’s whole body face him before putting her right foot under his gray long-sleeved top. Filled with lustful desires and the will to prove that she is more than an amateur porn star, she strikes right away. She aimed for his big dick. She grabbed it, licked it but he stopped her before she can even deep throat his full member. He gives her a peck on the lips as he drives away from the darkness. No one even bothered to put their clothes back on as they head inside James’ bedroom. Janice, still wearing her eyeglasses, a pair of earrings, a green armlet and a beaded bracelet, now patiently waits on the bed covered with dark brown sheets. She lies down on the edge of the bed as James, now fully naked, approaches. He kneels beside it and tongue fucks her. His warm breath and wet tongue roaming around her clit and the walls of her pussy make her shiver. She grabs on the sheets so hard and lifts herself up wanting to see how he does it. Before she can even take a peek, he rams his hard cock into her wet and tight pussy. She loudly moaned at the unexpected action. He puts one of legs on top of his shoulders. This position definitely turns her on ever more. Feeling his cock throbbing and her pussy thudding, he pulls out of her. He just didn’t want her to cum yet. James lets her suck his dick for some time. He then drags and makes Janice face the gray wall just beside bedroom door. He enters her pussy from behind and fucks her so hard that she had her first orgasm before he can even pull his dick out. She once again gave him a blowjob, licking her warm cum from his cock. The petite beauty and the porn star headed back to the bed for more rough sex. He lies down on the bed as she lies on top of him. He thrusts his big dick on her wet pussy again. She takes the matter into her very own hands as she sits up and begins riding his dick hard as fuck. She then sits on his face giving his tongue and mouth direct access to her pussy as she deepthroats him. They shifted into missionary position before Janice Griffith goes down on her knees and sucks his hard cock as if her life depended on it. Without any warning, James Deen came inside her mouth. She swallows his cum without any hesitation.

James Deen, Janice Griffith

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