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Janice Griffith Is A Penis Pixie

Janice Griffith, with a lavender wig on her head, is wearing a yellow green high-waisted wheat-patterned stockings, not covering her butt cheeks, under a black-and-white striped shorts and nothing on top but a colorful necklace accentuating her small tits. She also has two golden bangles on her wrist. She is sitting on a twin-sized bed with a white headboard, covered with blue sheets with a white pillow resting on it. On the bed lies a man, Ramon Nomar, now fully-naked and is too focused on watching her as she deepthroats his big dick that is already fucking hard. She licks the tip of his dick, then the sides before taking his full length into her mouth. She is treating his dick as a popsicle that she loves having during the warm summer months. She enjoys licking and sucking his dick over and over again with her eyes closed, smirking. As Janice opened her big eyes, she teases him as she gives him a blowjob with her teeth giving pressure on his throbbing dick. Ramon, not liking her teasing, gets up from lying on the bed, kneels on it and drags her near him with her back on his chest. He rubs her fully-clothed pussy before zipping her shorts down and puts her hand into her warm and already wet pussy. He lifts her up and slides her shorts down to her knees. The petite beauty is now on her knees with her arms stretched out supporting her weight. A tattoo on the side of her breast is exposed. Without any warning, he mouth-fucks her pussy. She hugs the whole bed out of surprise but she loves everything that he was giving her. As she lies on her stomach, he plays with her pussy with his hands before thrusting his already hard dick inside her wet and tight pussy. She screamed as he shoves his dick in and out of her shaved pussy. The slapping sound of their skins touching roughly is so satisfying to hear. Ramon shifts her and lies her side as he lifts one of her legs up. Her pussy stretches along with her raised leg and she shouts, either because of pain or pleasure. She loses her wig and reveals her long black hair. He continues to ram his dick as she releases her warm cum into his still-hard penis. With him still lying on his back, Janice heads down and starts sucking his dick. Feeling hornier, he lifts her two legs up and positions her on top of him, slowly entering her pussy that is wet, once again. As he spread her legs wide while his hard dick is still inside, she felt that she is about to come for the second time around. Feeling the sensation all over her body, she sits up and begins riding him, real hard. She was right, she has her second orgasm. She was obviously already tired. It was her second orgasmic explosion after all but Ramon isn’t done with her yet. He pulls her near as he lies with his back comfortably resting on the bed. She hops on top of him, her pussy, still dripping with cum facing his hard dick. She slowly inserts his dick inside and the moment it touches her most sensitive spot, she rides him hard, once more, the sensation driving her crazy. And without any warning, she comes on his dick, for the third time. Ramon Nomar feels his hard dick throbbing like crazy and he know he is about to come. He now lies Janice Griffith at the edge of the bed. He stands just beside the bed, ready to enter her pussy. He rams his dick inside her and fucks her had like there is no tomorrow. They come together. Releasing their warm juices inside her.

Janice Griffith, Ramon Nomar

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