Niki Snow Bang'd Hard By James Deen


Young blonde babe Niki Snow has a major crush on James Deen and is happy to let him do anything he wants to her nubile body. She sits on the black leather BANG couch wearing a red skirt and a black camisole talking about some of her sexual experience. Well, today Niki is in for a great surprise that she’s going to love. James Deen bursts into the room, and Niki is ecstatic and filled with joy that she gets to be filled and degraded by James. He makes her get on her knees and shoves his fingers in her mouth then makes her splay herself out to show off her pristine pink pussy. He grabs her hair and pulls her toward the couch where he chokes her and spanks her until her cute ass cheeks become red. He grabs Niki by the throat and picks her up, she chokes and coughs, she takes his big cock out of his pants and jerks him off, he slaps her face and pulls down her shirt to reveal her cute perky tits. James makes her hold her hands behind her back and place her head on the couch’s armrest, he then shoves his cock in her mouth until it hits the dangly thing in the back of her throat and she gags. He turns her and her head hangs toward the floor on the armrest and he rams his cock down her throat, so far back his cock is visible in her throat. He lets her up and she teases him by rubbing and tapping on her pussy, he rebuttals by grabbing her head and slamming it down on his cock, her makeup beginning to run as tears form in her eyes. Niki gags and chokes on his cock, but he’s nice and releases and turns her over and shoves his cock in her pretty pink pussy, slapping her ass raw while he’s at it. He degrades Niki and makes sure she knows she’s nothing but a fuck toy. Niki gets choked and fucked without compassion, just like the whore she is, so much so that he stuffs his big toe in her pussy and makes her taste it. With her hair, pussy, mouth, and just about everything else fucked, Niki gets her pretty little face cummed on; a nice big, hot load for the slut.


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