Diary Of A Sex Slave Part 3


James Deen introduces Mystica Jade to two of his friends, Erik Everhard and Ramon Nomar. Both are craving for rough sex for today. The scene starts off with Mystica, on fours, butt naked on the floor with a dog leash wrapped around her neck. Two men, both in suits, are standing behind her. Ramon approaches, almost chokes her and grabs the leash while Erik stays behind and watches. Ramon plays around walking her around like a dog. The three are now in the white couch in the living room. Everyone is now naked and already fucking. Erik is laying on the couch with her on top of him in a reverse cowgirl position, his dick inside her butt hole. Ramon, on the other hand, stands in front and enters her pussy in a missionary position. The two men are humping her in a synchronized way making electricity run through her veins like crazy. Ramon pulls his big dick out from her pussy as she remains on top of Erik, his dick still inside her ass hole. As Erik fucks her from behind, Ramon puts his dick inside her mouth, giving him a blowjob. Ramon now ties the dog leash around his waist pulling Mystica closer to his hard cock and makes her deepthroat him once more as Erik fucks her in the butt hole. The three now decide to change sexual positions as they continue on with their threesome. Ramon now lays with his back on the white couch. Mystica hops on top of him guiding his big dick inside her pussy in a cowgirl position. Erik now stands in front of her. He grabs her hair and thrusts his dick into her mouth. He guides her as she gives him a blowjob and at the same time crazily rides Ramon’s dick. Erik sits down on the couch. She continues sucking his cock while another cock fucks her pussy. The group sex continues on as Erik puts her in doggy-style, her butt cheeks facing him while she faces Ramon’s big hard dick. Erik humps her hard from behind as he deepthroats Ramon’s cock. With the two men almost at their peak, they take turns fucking Mystica’s wet and tight pussy. They opt to fuck her in the scoop me up position. One cock fucks her pussy while she sucks another. Erik Everhard and Ramon Nomar stands on Mystica Jade’s side. Both are holding onto their big throbbing cocks about to release their warm juices at any moment. With Mystica kneeling on the floor, the two men come and releasing their warm juices all over her face.


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