Dani Daniels' Rough Passionate Hotel Sex


Dani Daniels and James Deen return to their hotel room after spending some time outside. Dani is wearing a blue dress while James is in a white shirt and gray shorts. James is lying on the bed while Dani is playfully dancing around him. The camera caught a glimpse of her plump pussy as she sways her skirt around. She removes her socks and dives straight to bed. After playing with his phone, James joins Dani on the bed. She removes her dress and let James see her voluptuous body. He pulled her closer to her and starts wrapping his arms around her. James chokes Dani while verbally humiliating her. James removes all his clothing and pulls Dani to the end of the bed. He spreads her legs then stuffs his hard dick to her tight pussy. Dani got surprised by the sudden thrust of the penis into her vagina. She lets out a sweet moan as James pounds her wet cunt. They changed their position from missionary to doggystyle. James continues to brutally fuck Dani, pulling her hair and arm while choking her. Each thrust is more powerful and deeper than the previous one. James constantly slaps Dani in the face while still fucking her hard from behind. James lies down on the bed and Dani goes on top of him. They fuck in a cowgirl position before shifting to the spoon. James keeps on slapping, choking and pulling her hair while pounding her pussy. The two continues with their rough play on the bed. James takes the camera and focuses it to Dani’s pretty face and erect nipples. He fucks her mouth, and then proceeded to pound her pussy. James shoots his cum into her mouth. Dani swallows all his cum, not wasting a single drop of his semen. Both of them feels completely exhausted, but at the same time, satisfied with their intense fucking session.


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