Dani Daniel's Desert Ride


Dani Daniels, James Deen


The scene opens with James Deen and Dani Daniels inside a car. James is fully-clothed wearing a white T-shirt while Dani only has a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of sunglasses on. Her big tits are exposed. She is aware of it but she doesn’t give a fuck. She even looks happy as James gives her the camera and focuses it on her big boobs as James starts driving. James is heard in the background saying how much he loves bouncing boobs. And that is actually the reason why he invites girls with big boobs to go on a drive. As he keeps driving and hitting bumps on the road, Dani’s big tits continue bouncing, almost in unison. With her big tits still focused on by the camera, James and Dani talked about dicks. She mentions how much she loves big dicks and sometimes she likes having two big dicks. Suddenly, Dani talks about James having to fucking hit anything on the road. James reasons out that those things that are on the road should get out of their way. James even stops to show a big rock that he hit while he is driving in the dessert mentioning that the rock has a part of his car on it. James continues on with his driving and Dani brings back the focus of the camera on her big boobs. As he drives faster and hits more stuff on the road, Dani squeals. One can never tell whether it’s because she is excited or because she is afraid. Dani seems to be getting tired of too much movement of her breasts that she starts looking for duct tape but they don’t have anything. Dani Daniels is not buckled up and James Deen calls her off. She proudly shows off her big tits as she says, “ I am here to get in trouble!”


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