Casey Calvert is an Eager Anal Cum Whore


Have you heard? Casey Calvert can’t get enough of cum that she’s okay with doing anything just to receive some. Being a concerned citizen, James Deen does what he does best. Give a big helping of the white stuff. As Casey goes on all fours on the countertop, she readily awaits James. With no reservations, he goes straight for her ass. He eats that ass like it’s his last meal. He drags Casey around afterward to taste every inch of her. Against the wall or against the counter, he makes sure to touch and lick her most sensitive parts. Casey is not selfish at all. She kneels down and gives James some good sucking. We’re a little bit concerned for her because she gags a little bit when she tries to take it all in. James grabs her by the hair and drags her against the counter. He begins his journey into Casey’s ass, repeatedly. The fucking is so hard that her one-piece just comes off while still keeping her leggings. Her teen looks shine brightly here, especially when James is in his zone in roughing her up. He drags Casey all around that area and fucks her from behind or while she’s on her back. He handles her by grabbing her on her neck or her hair. Casey’s face reflects a tint of liking of what’s happening here. They don’t go far in terms of location but they effectively use every surface in there. At one point, she sits on the high chair to get fucked. She raises her legs into the air to accommodate James but eventually, she folds together to get fucked sideways. But that’s kind of dangerous so they just make most of their work on the floor and on the couch. As he reaches his climax, he showers his seed all over Casey’s face. He cums so much that some of it drips down to her cute tits. Even with the rough treatment, Casey doesn’t lose her composure to play with cum for a bit.


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