Casey Calvert Pop Art Anal


Beautiful brunette babe Casey Calvert poses by a metal fence. She is wearing Pop Art-designed pants. She shows off her perky tits and bubble butt to the camera. She presses her boobs against the metal fence as she sexily waves her ass back and forth. Casey pulls down her pants to show her voluptuous butt and tight pussy. James Deen enters the scene. He pulls her closer to him. James gets down on his knees. He spreads her butt cheeks with his hands then buries his face into her ass. The king of rough sex is just getting started. He slaps, spanks, spits and chokes Casey’s little body. Being roughed up only made Casey hornier. She spreads her legs wide as James shoves his hard dick deep into her asshole Casey can feel his dick stretching out her little butthole. James uses her headband as a gag. He continues to pound her hard in the pooper. Each thrust is deeper and faster than the previous one. His dick is churning the insides of her anal cavity. Casey can’t help but moan in pleasure. James pulls out his cock from her ass and shows the camera her gaping hole. James pushes her down. He lets her suck his cock again. He grabs her by the hair then shoves his cock deep into her throat. Casey gags loudly as James buries his whole cock in her mouth. She continues to suck his cock before James bends her down on the table. They fuck doggystyle on the table. He keeps on pounding her from behind. Her cute bubble butt bounces lightly as he slides his cock in an out her pussy. Casey screams loudly as she cums on his cock. The combination of impact play, asphyxiation, and anal penetration is too much for Casey. She is beginning to lose her mind as their rough sex becomes more intense. James enjoys her tight asshole in different positions. They keep fucking each other until James feels like he is cumming. He pulls out his dick from her cunt then strokes it in front of her. James shoots his warm cum to her pretty face.


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