Britney Amber Boobs And Orgasms


Britney Amber


Britney Amber stands in front of the camera, with it focused on her big tits hardly covered by the lacy violet bikini top that she is wearing. Her face slowly shows up, with her eyes closed, she is smiling brightly revealing her pearly white teeth. The blonde beauty is being a tease as she raises both arms above her head revealing a bit of skin as her bikini top rises with it. She bends down showing off her bare butt cheeks as she was wearing a black T-back. Wearing black-lacy gloves, she strips off of her bikini top revealing her perfect tits with almost hardened nipples. Painted with white nail polish, her long fingers caress her right boob as a man’s hand plays with the other. She licked and rubbed her nipples with her fingers until they harden. With pleasure beginning to tingle in her whole body and her top already on the floor, her hand crawls down to her pussy and she starts masturbating. Her legs begin to shake as she feels electricity going through her veins, that she almost stumbled on the floor feeling the cum dripping from her pink pussy. Already lying on the floor with just a pair of pink stockings left on her long white skinny, she strokes her clitoris and inserts three fingers inside her pussy. Feeling the warm juice almost ready to come out, she makes herself wait, takes her fingers out and licks off the cum off of them. Ready to let go and release all the warm cum from her pussy, she once again laid down on the floor, opened her legs widely, caressed her enormous tits, licked her nipples and repeatedly stroked her clit, put her fingers in and out of her pussy until she releases her cum all over the floor. It was undoubtedly satisfying.


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