Bliss Dolce Plays with Her Boobs


Bliss Dolce


Bliss Dolce enters the bathroom showing only her butt cheeks covered with a printed underwear. James Deen, holding a camera, appears on the video with her. He seems to be the one filming her. The footage begins with only her brunette hair being shown, then shifts to having them both on screen, in front of the mirror. He shows her face next then slow brings the camera down focusing on her boobs tightly-hugged by a bikini top with the same print as her undies. She begins playing with her boobs in front of the camera, smirking. Looking straight into the camera, she exposes both of her tits at the same time. The way she smiles as she caresses her boobs and massages her nipples is enough to turn any dick hard and ready to fuck. She coyly allows James to play with her big tits before taking her bikini off and getting into the shower completely naked. The well-lit shower room gives more justice to her beauty and sexy curves. Bliss turns the warm shower on, gets under the shower head and washes-down her breasts first. She sexily strides to the other side of the room to grab some body wash. She pours just enough amount of liquid soap on her palm, mixes it water and rubs it on her breasts. She seductively massages her boobs with the foam created from the body wash and as her nipples harden, she turns the hot shower on again. The hot water dripping from the shower is turning her on even more. The shower glass door starts to moisten that nothing else can be seen from inside. In that moistened slippery shower glass door, she rubs her boobs, removing the mist and revealing them to the camera. Unsatisfied, Bliss proceeds to fuck the bathroom wall as she feels that her pussy is getting wet.


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