Brooklyn Lee: Please, Fill My Ass


Due to unfortunate turn of events, James Deen meets up with Brooklyn Lee in a seemingly abandoned building to do some nasty things. Actually, being nasty is an understatement seeing how messed up Brooklyn will be after James is done with her. So there he is, he enters a room and sees Brooklyn in the room waiting for her naked and ready to be fucked. She’s topless and waiting for James’ big dick to penetrate her fuck hole. Sure enough, James comes over and lets his lust take over the situation. He bends Brooklyn over and starts burying his face into her ass. He starts licking and lets his tongue do the thing. Later on, James lies down and lets Brooklyn sit on the best seat in the house— his face. His tongue goes another round with her fuck holes. After a while, James stands up and Brooklyn goes down to his dick’s eye level. She starts slurping and sucking on James’ fat dick. His whole package gets taken care of with Brooklyn’s generous licking. After this, Brooklyn proceeds to lie down on the couch nearby and lets James do what he pleases. James now proceeds to stuff his fat cock into her and starts pumping away. James shifted her legs aside and prioritized on showing her fat ass to the viewers while he continues on his business of wrecking Brooklyn’s fuck hole. After this, James lies down beside her and shifts her the other way. James is now fucking her sideways and he gives Brooklyn some smooches. Meanwhile, Brooklyn has her hands go around her pussy and starts doing it a favor. A nice flicking and rubbing goes on while her other hole gives James’s dick some hospitality. They went back and forth from these positions until James felt his peak is coming. When it did, he made sure to pull out and showered Brooklyn with his seed.


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