Ava Addams Plays With Her Big Boobs


Ava Addams


Ava Addams, wearing black lacy lingerie shows off her gigantic boobs by pushing them forward with her freshly-painted violet nails. She brightly looks down at them satisfied with how large they looked. She then abruptly turns around, letting whoever is behind the camera see her perfectly-shaped butt cheeks. The T-back that she has on helps in adding more volume to her behind, making it look more striking. As she faces the camera once again, a hand slowly reaches out to her big tits. She harshly took the hand off of her boobies. She begins to tease him as she raised both of her arms up finally exposing how truly enormous her tits are. That is with her still fully-clothed. She frees one of her boobs, with its nipple already hard. The same hand she pushed away, reaches out again to that one still hidden in her lingerie, freeing it from suppression. With both of her boobs now out in the open, she is now ready for some action. She begins massaging her breasts and her nipples using both of her hands. Ava then sexily strides to the wall near the window. She stands in front of the window, looking out and showing off her humongous tits to anyone passerby. She heads to the wall beside the window and rubs her boobs up and down against it until she feels pleasure rushing through her veins. Not yet satisfied with that wall -fucking action, she heads to the kitchen counter, bends and fucks it the same way she did with the wall. Feeling her pussy already wet, Ava moves back to the window. With her back on the glass window, James Deen stretches his hairy arms out to finger her freshly shaved pussy. She continues to play with her big tits as he unstoppably finger-fucked her until she was undeniably satisfied.


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