August Ames is a Sex Slave to Manuel Ferrera


Manuel Ferrera is on a meeting with a business partner. He sits on the couch while August Ames stands on the side, half-naked. Her big tits already exposed for him, his business partner and for the world to see. Her pussy, on the other hand, is still covered by her black lacy underwear. August slowly walks in front of him, hops on top of the table and bends down facing his dick still fully-clothed and exposing her bare ass cheeks to Manuel’s business partner. She unzips his pants until his cock sprang out and deepthroats him. He lightly strokes her hair and guides while she gives her a blowjob. With the meeting almost finished, Manuel stands up holding a pen and paper and puts her on her fours. He then uses her butt cheeks as a table as he signs his business papers. His business partner is focused watching them prepare to fuck. The meeting ends and the business partner leaves. Now the real action begins. Manuel begins caressing her butt cheeks as he teases her by rubbing his hard dick into her wet and tight pussy. The two now sit on the gray couch, kissing. August could no longer contain herself as she heads down to suck his big cock, taking his full length into her mouth without any hesitation. Manuel, now turned on, hurriedly takes his pants off and positions them in a scoop me up position. He thrusts his dick inside her shaved pussy as he lifts one of her legs up. He fucks her hard and kisses her on the lips, all at the same time. He pulls out, leaving her craving for more. August excitedly hops on top of him in a cowgirl position, grabs and inserts his dick into her pussy and rides him hard. With both of them feeling that they are about to reach their peak, Manuel takes control of the situation once again. Their rough sex continues as he goes for the missionary position. Not satisfied with the sensation that the position is giving them, he lifts one of her legs as he humps her hard. He pulls out again, allows her to give him a blowjob and then fucks her again in doggy-style. August Ames and Manuel Fererra are now lying on the couch, He licks and sucks her foot before she kneels down on the floor and sucks his hard dick once more. She continues mouth-fucking his cock until he comes all over her face.


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