Anikka Albrite's Off Set Sex Tape


Annika Albtrite went shopping for the day that it is almost dark when she arrives at her apartment. Even though it is already late, she didn’t even think twice about inviting someone over. As she was trying on some of her newly-bought clothes, James Deen walks up to her and starts taking his clothes off. Annika is already naked, by the way, and James just couldn’t wait for her to finish. The moment that his clothes were off, he puts Annika on all fours, and hurriedly thrusts his dick inside her pussy and humps her like crazy. The sound of their skin slapping against each other is something that both of them enjoys. James suddenly stops asking her to dress up. Annika decides to put on a pair of sexy lingerie only for James to take it off a few seconds later as he tells her to suck his dick as he sits on the couch. She walks over to where he is seated and without any hesitation, takes his full-length member into her mouth and sucks it off until it’s hard and ready to fuck. With James’ dick now hard, Annika hops on his lap as she slowly guides his big hard cock inside her wet and tight pussy. As he hits her G-spot, Annika rides his dick crazily in the cowgirl position. The two fuck hard in that position until James is about to reach his peak. He pulls his big dick out from her pussy to delay his orgasm. James Deen takes control. He puts Annika Albrite on all fours before ramming his dick inside her wet and tight pussy. He humps her slowly, teasing her. She grunts, frustrated. So James humps her from behind like crazy until she asks him to stop. Annika Albrite goes back to fitting her clothes as nothing happened in her apartment.


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