Amanda Tate Plays with Her Boobs


Amanda Tate


Amanda Tate welcomes everyone watching her wearing a yellow green spaghetti-strapped top and green beach shorts. She just wants to tease people that she starts off by dragging both of her straps down as she squeezes her humongous boobs together showing off her cleavage. But before she can even take her top off, she puts the straps back on. Amanda sexily dances in front of the camera and this time around seriously taking one piece of clothing after another until she’s only left with her white panties. She continues on with her dancing as she raises both of her arms and shakes her big tits. She then sexily strides closer to the camera boasting her gigantic boobs. Amanda then walks back to the bed and grabs a dress. It is a black long-sleeved fishnet style dressed that is see-through. Her shaved pussy and big tits can be clearly seen. She wears it and walks just like she is in a fashion show. Of course, she didn’t miss the chance to show off her bare breasts while as she wears the dress. Amanda moves on to another outfit. This time around, she chooses a purple halter cropped top. She wears it with nothing on to cover her pussy. She then lies on the bed, still wearing her purple top with her breasts exposed. Someone from behind the camera tells her to take all of her clothes off but she says no. She lounges on the bed for a little while before standing up and finally removing her top off. Amanda Tate is now lying on her stomach with no clothes left on her body. She smiles coyly at the camera, teasing anyone behind it. She is only willing to show off her back. She definitely knows how to make people want more. She remains with her back on the camera as the video ends.


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