Alex Chance Has Big Boobs


Alex Chance


Alex Chance is wearing a bright yellow lingerie exposing her milky white skin. She stands on one of the steps of the staircase as a bottle of baby oil, brought in by James Deen sits on another step. Her top is tightly hugging her boobs making them look bigger than they already are. She slowly exposes both of her breasts, nipples already hard, as she pulls her bra down. James Deen pans the camera into her legs as she walks to the step where the baby oil is. They are white as snow and looks like freshly-shaved. She takes the bottle by the hand and poses with it. For the first time since the video started, Alex’s face shows up on camera. Her brunette hair is tied up and her face has light makeup on except for the dark eyeshadows giving more emphasis on her cheeky eyes. She smiles brightly showing off her pearly white teeth. Alex now begins playing with her boobs and the bottle of baby oil. She looks like she’s treating the bottle as a man’s dick as she places it in between her big tits. As she is already having fun with her own actions, James’ hand reaches out to the back of her bra and unhooks it exposing her big boobies. The moment that her breasts are free, she begins massaging them. She then opens the bottle of baby oil and pours some out directly into her breast. James continues to get her in the mood by saying how hot she is and how much she turns him on. She rubs her breasts hard with every word that she hears. She can’t get enough of the sensation that she grabs them really hard like she is almost hurting herself. Alex adds more baby oil on her breasts. She continues to tease the camera or whoever is behind that camera as she pushes her breasts up showing her cleavage. She even allows James to play with her big tits as she happily licks her lips and teeth with her tongue. She happily finishes with her Titty Tuesday as her breasts shine with baby oil on.


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