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Sarah Banks Becomes A Fuck Toy For James Deen

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Sarah Banks is really fucking hot. Like, REALLY FUCKING HOT! She basically just stands there because she is so fucking hot. That is literally the set up for the scene. Sarah Banks stands there and is hot, then James Deen fucks her. It's all you really need. Check out this hot chick, now here comes James Deen. Once James Deen shows up, Sarah is still hot but she is no longer standing around. Now she gets tossed around and fucked up her ass like a rag doll. James LOVES fucking rag dolls. It is kind of weird. He collects rags from all around the world and makes his own dolls. Sometimes, when I come into the office I have to tell him to stop fucking that rag doll. It's unprofessional and makes all the interns uncomfortable.