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Liv Revamped And James Deen Reunited And It Feels So Good

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James Deen and Liv Revamped haven't seen one another since her name was Liv Aquilera. Liv has been running around in Europe getting ass fucked by dudes with huge cocks. Naturally the correct thing for these two to do is to jump into a bathtub together. The pair discuss what Liv has been up to since the last time they saw each other. That's how I know about the anal sex with huge European cocks. It is pretty adorable to watch these two reunite. There is clear chemistry and attraction. Plus James Deen is naked in the bath tub and he looks pretty funny. After their bathtub time, James Deen and Liv are dressed and getting settled into the room. Liv teases the porn star with her perfect Latina ass and petite body. James Deen goes to work on the all natural babe. He strips her naked and shoves his face in her ass. She moans as James eats her ass and spanks her. Once Liv's pussy is dripping wet, James Deen pulls out his hard cock and pushes it inside of the Latina. There is no mistaking how great these two are together. The more they are fucking, the crazier they get. Liv rides James' cock reverse cowgirl. She bounces her tight pussy up and down the porn star's thick shaft. The pair get sweaty together until Liv is begging to be covered in the porn star's cum. She drops to her knees and James jerks off all over her face. Liv basks in the messy facial cum shot. They giggle and joke with each other before turning the camera off. Hopefully they caught some more action on camera together on this sex vacation.
Date Added: 08/29/2018
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Avg Rating: 4.0