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Janice Griffith Morning Yoga Extravaganza

Date Added: 07/30/2016
 Big Dick, Blonde, Facial, Hipster, Indian, Natural, Petite, Pornstar, Rough Sex, Shaved Pussy
Avg Rating: 4.6

Janice Griffith is back! And she's brought her yoga moves with her. "What are you doing?" asks James Deen, as if he's never seen a girl in mid-chatarunga. "Keeping it tight for you," answers Janice. It's a powerful exchange; poetic in its delivery. In layman terms, they have suggested to have sex with each other. And they do just that, as they bask in the morning glow from the window. James' cock goes in Janice's pussy, like a greyhound bus into a suburban, single-home garage (i.e. it's a tight fit)... I'm sorry about this scene description. But it shouldn't detract from the huge boner (or lady boner) you will get from watching it.