Gia: Workout Turns To A Hard Fuck In The Gym


Gia, James Deen


Hot, nerdy babe Gia hits the gym wearing a beige tank top and denim skirt. She is doing her exercise routine when the topless James Deen catches her attention. Gia asks JD to be her spotter while she does a bench press. The handsome stud agrees to the request without any hesitation. He spots for Gia, but the naughty slut is more interested in the tool inside his pants than the barbell. Gia pulls out JD's big cock and starts sucking it hard. She uses her lips and tongue to tickle every inch of the big shaft until it becomes rock-hard. After making sure that the cock is covered with her spit, Gia gets on top of James and rides him in reverse cowgirl position. Her small tits look elegant as they gently bounce with every hump. Gia can't stop her soft moans from coming out as James aggressively stuffs his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. The horny couple shifts their position to doggy. JD can feel Gia's pussy tightening around his shaft as he fucks her from behind. Gia shows off her flexibility as James continues to ravage her insides. She stretches and flexes her body in different positions, offering JD a one of a kind pussy pounding experience. The king of rough sex continues to brutalize Gia's cunt in the missionary position. He relentlessly slides his cock in and out of the dripping wet pussy until he feels like he is about to cum. He then pulls out his cock from the tight pussy and unloads his thick cream inside Gia's mouth. The horny nerd happily receives every single drop of James' love goo into her mouth and face. The intense fucking is more than enough exercise for today. Gia happily smiles as cum drips down her lips.


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