Fuck Me Like You Hate Me


Taking part in a threesome can be said to be one of the most common fantasies of a virile man, maybe even a foursome with three beautiful women. But James Deen takes it a step beyond by gathering nine stunning women who are horny beyond belief and ready to get fucked out of their minds. Walking down a dark hallway, James gets welcomed by a group of voluptuous women who are fully naked and waiting for him to take the lead. Quickly stripping off his clothing and throbbing cock springing free, the lone man takes on the challenge of satisfying each aching pussy in the dimly lit room. Not known for being gentle, James grabs the nearest babe by the neck and makes her get down on her knees for a frantic blowjob. With no available furniture in the room, he harshly pulls on Dani Daniels’s hair and makes her bend over to thrust into her until she's screaming in pleasure. Envious eyes glued to the two of them, eight women impatiently wait for their turn to get a taste of the sensations James's talented cock can elicit. Turning his attention to a blonde, lifting one of her legs and slips into her with ease. The process of harshly fucking mouths and pussies in various positions cycles, several girls already on fours with sopping cunts ready for the rugged James Deen to give them a dose of sexual heaven. Some of the cock-deprived babes end up scrambling on top of each other to get the chance to lick his glorious ramrod. The darkened room filled with frantic smacking, hands slapping against a cheek, choking, and uninhibited moans. Nearing the end, James uses Janice Griffin's pussy while ordering the other girls to position themselves on the floor in front of him. Pushing off the brunette, he jerks himself off and showering the ladies in front of him before walking out of the room, knowing his goal is accomplished.


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