Caroline Ray and Sara Luvv: The Guest


James Deen and Sara Luv have a house guest; the stunning Caroline Ray. Sara and James watch her sunbathe next to the pool, appreciating her beauty and realizing her time with them is almost done. Not wanting to let the opportunity to share something amazing with Caroline slip by, Sara takes a chance and follows Caroline into the shower, offering to towel her off. Touching turns to kissing and James joins them, taking Caroline to bed with them for an amazing threesome. He took Caroline's hand and led her to the bedroom, where Sara was already waiting, his desire for them both evident. They climbed onto the bed together, entwining their bodies as one, their breaths labored and their hearts racing. the room filled with the intoxicating scent of their arousal. Caroline's fingers traced the outline of James' chiseled chest, while Sara's lips caressed his neck, leaving a trail of kisses as she made her way down. James' hands roamed over the two women's bodies, their big boobs and tight asses, their skin warm and supple beneath his touch. He could feel the steady pace of their hearts echoing in his own, their desires matching his own in every beat. Their hands intertwined, he guided them further until they reached the apex of desire, their mouths meeting in a frenzy of tongues and teeth, breathless moans filling the room. As the day went on, the passion between them only intensified. Their bodies moved in perfect sync, each touch sending shivers down their spines. The sheets were all crumpled and tossed aside. James rejoiced inside both of them and they were patiently taking turns to please him.


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